Aug 29, 2012

Antique tractors for Universalmaehbalken

This is my new Mod.Ees is a Balkenmaeher. It can be mounted on any tractor. Mainly for classic cars. As I have the Balkenmaeher the DLC 4 did not, because he is too big and blocked the entire clutches, I kostruiert this mower. It is designed for central mounting area. Universal design for all tractors. Is connected to the low attacher with the tractor. Longitudinally movable with mouse control.
Pull over to the mod, so that’s the orange bar behind the tractor.
Customize with mouse control.
Grass grows back.
Blade guard manually key 8 controllable.
The Balkenmeaher has no Kolli.
When Abklinken, at top speed, lands around the palette always right.
Three-point and towbars remain free.
Who is the Urmodder the cutter bar to find out I could not. Urmodder of Maehbalkenskriptes is Fendt Heinz. Is one Anbaumaehbalken, which was installed on various tractors. I built the gearbox and the console.


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