Aug 13, 2012


I would like to present you here my newest map. Who has played the Sunger maps will have his joy at this. You find yourself still in Westphalia in the beautiful and your Albersloh farm is still in the peasantry Sunger. However, these are almost all in common. The card has now grown to over a third of the standard map, and offers something for everyone. Small and medium-sized fields fields dominate the picture. Two, there are also three larger. A BGA is NOT there. Therefore, the Westphalian railway runs across the map.

The multi Fruits I restricted to sugarbeet and potatos. But you can still manure, liquidmanure, grass, chaff, to sell milk by hand. At the Sendenhorster street, across your driveway is on a map you can find all important. For transportation of the fruits available to you is the AlberslohFruitMediumTipperByMourice that came with the pack and are other vehicles and trailers can transport everything it plenty.
At retail outlets, there is now the old factory building, the country store, the mill, the brewery, the windmill, the Aldi, the dairy and the railway station. What can you sell when on the card which I have previously written.
To display storage and outlets properly, I recommend this PDA mod:! Http:// Please read description! To play it is not absolutely necessary.

You have to go to the milk independently Drosselgasse. The Milchmod is not needed. The farm has remained largely the same, you need to open the hall doors to her MapDoorTrigger in the mod directory.
I continue to recommend the Modsordner of all unused mods to clean!

Quick start:
Albersloh-ENTPACKEN.rar download
Copy the contents to the Modsordner
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